La Prealpina, 06/05/2001

Cats are the artist's passion ...
I think she has four of them at home and stamps have been a keynote of her work: surely these are the inspiration that triggered of in Lilly Polana an unusual form of creativity.
The cats are images of simple and colorful collages that the artist created with very fine taste.
Her works are pervaded by an irony of which perhaps the author herself is unaware, but that brings in the changing compositions typical nuances of domestic felines whose curious intelligence so fascinates us.
And if you get closer, you realize that the multi-colored cat pictures are composed entirely of tiny stamps cut with painstaking patience and carefully glued to form shapes.

Riccardo Schwamenthal

Lilly Polana

Roma, 4.XI.2001

I think that using stamps, micro mosaic stamps of an innovative and exquisite form of art, for a collage is a brilliant idea: the stamp, with its watermarks, its indentation, its multicolored magic. The stamps sometimes show remote courses, something living, which in the hands of a true artist as she is, assumes infinite possibilities of transformation in a protean and kaleidoscopic process of great fascination for the viewer.

Prof. Antonio Lanza

"Poststamps Fantasy" Collage Exhibition - May 2002

It will be the first time that Lilly Polana brings her creative Poststamps Collage Exhibition to Hong Kong. The artist will exhibit a series of her art works, many of them in the theme of lovely creatures such as cats and flowers. Lilly will also specially create a Stamps Collage entitled "Synergy of the Horse" to celebrate Italy 2002: Quality & Lifestile, as well as to express her best wishes.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Synergy of the Horse

"Poststamps Fantasy" Lilly Polana - 16 May 2002

If you want to create art like Lilly Polana, you need to make a lot of friends first and ask each of them to send you a letter by post, not e-mail.
Lilly Polana has turned a collection of stamps into attractive art creation by skilfully cutting and arranging them into complicated collages. Polana's debut exhibition will be held in the Conrad International Hong Kong Hotel from May 21 to June 2. The exhibition features a series of animal and flower collage created from the stamps.
To celebrate the Italy Festival 2002 and the Year of Horse, Lilly Polana has tailor-made an artwork titled Horse.

bc Magazine carpe diem - Hong Kong


It`s the special technique used by Lilly Polana to make of her one of the most recognized artists of contemporary European art.
The Swiss painter is recognized as the mother of a collage technique that is now studied in the academies of all the continent. Indeed, for composing the figures, the Swiss artist doesn´t use common materials usually used for collage, but the stamps.

QuantoVale by Bolaffi

Lilly Polana

The mill of Bottonera "macina" stamps, result of the collage the painter Lilly Polana - 28/06/2002

Chiavenna - It's the particular technique used by Lilly Polana that makes of her one of the most recognizable artist of the European contemporary art.
The Swiss painter is going to expose her works at Mulino di Bottonera in Chiavenna, organized in the range of the project of revaluation of Historical and cultural beauties of the Mulino Chiavennasco.

Il Giorno

Rivista di Lugano - 21/09/2004

Lilly Polana an inexhaustible inventiveness and an extraordinary ability to assemble stamps, has her exhibition at the ART BAR PORTOFINO in Caslano.
These are works that present a range of colorful animals all made with poststamps, coming from all over the world.
Hardly like a game. She hatches outlines that take form with his collage made with stamps, matching them like her own feeling and coloring and composition view. Like a transformer, she creates new shadings simply putting in different way hers out cutting.
Everything becomes a game. Lilly cuts out of the stamps the details that impress her and like magic, in her mind, she gives birth to an animal figure that takes form step by step..
These stamps into her hands turn back telling us events, episodes, from great history sometimes even forgotten that fascinates even the most absent minded observer.

Elena Locatelli Bühler

Lilly Polana al Negresco Hotel


The shirt worn by Lilly in the photo, is on sale at the Hotel Negresco in Nizza.
All proceeds from sales will be donated for charity.


Neuburg - Germania, "Highlights der Region" - 9/02/2006

The artistic work's of the artist Lilly Polana are collages, made of a lot of uncountable stamps, that have been cut out in suggestive impressions of the most different objects.
From many small pieces, so you can get something totally new.
Lose yourself in the details, let you transport from a work to another or simply just live individual art.

Rivista "Espresso"

"Lilly Polana's liveely collages made of stamps" - 26/02/2007

The Finter Bank Zürich from Lugano has recently opened a new Lilly Polana's collages exhibition, an artist that comes from Bern but has lived since years in the Italian part of Switzerland.
The exhibition is about works of art made of stamps; the art historian Antonio Lanza tells about it :"The stamp with its watermarks, its perforations, its magical polychrome, its postmarks that sometimes show remote routes, it shows something that is alive that in the hand of a real artist as Lilly Polana is, assumes never-ending possibilities of transformations in a protean and kaleidoscopic process of great fashion for the consumer".
The exhibition is opened unill 15th March, Monday-Friday 8.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30

Giornale del Popolo

Lilly Polana

Il Malcantone "Creatività e genio nei francobolli ..." - October 2007

Malcantone presents Lilly Polana, the incomparable artist who engages with great success in creating animals, flowers, humans, fantastic beings, with the exclusively use of stamps.
She mix the different subjects of his artistic output above that requires great skill 'and patience in cutting and pasting: to create eyes, mouths, petals, stamens, etc..

Our artist has achieved considerable skill and conspicuous ingenuity presence, which led her to be known and appreciated successfully at international level, collecting numerous successes from the public and the critics, as well as under the saleable aspect.

Out of us, we add that Lilly´s artistics fruit should be observed from a certain distance, to surprise the masses transformed into figures, and they prove that her talent is distinct and unusual, the art you breath is real, so that it seems to come from a sonar and deep magic.

Some "damned poet" would say, about his specialty, that basically it is just paper but it would be an enigmatic poet, as Lilly's compositions, and her work may also draw some lightning philatelic egocentric genial (that there would be art).
The enigmatic works (maybe) show the artist in their well preponderance solidity values over any alleged superficiality. You only need to look at the generated Polana and immediately catches the subtlety of expression and the great virtue 'talented, shaped into a vibrant creative' music and light and at times surreal impression of: creativity 'in some "pictures" it may refer to its colors even at Warhol's abstract works.
The pictures of animals seem to enjoy arcane movements, shrubs and flowers and scents remind us of discrete nature. And the soft feminine teen nudes, slender face with their breasts in a resolutely ecstatic and transcendent passion, they seem to want to devote themselves to the pleasure of procreation.
That´s and 'sublimeo and you can' and you should read the art of positive Lilly who want´ s to be for all of us a mental recall to beauty, remembering them, who unfortunately, passed away.

Emilio Trentin

AUTO DIGEST - Art: Collage d'Autore - 2008

Lilly Polana has made of one her hobby an artistic activity of success, that is projecting her into the international figurative landscape.

Her works are collages made with used stamps.
After cats, clowns, Lilly has now made a series of female nudes that express a poem and a movement that does not hide for those who know her well her passion for jazz as an expression of continuing freedom and inspiration.

Valerio Alfonsetti

Foto Nudo

Lilly Polana

La Residenza Rivabella - Exhibition "Il segreto dei colori", 25/04/2010

The pictures of Lilly Polana appears so nice and colorful to make us suspect that she dipped her brushes into the rainbow. They have tones and shades, they unfold their reasons with perfect recognition, if they are flowers or animals(only she is able to make agree cats and dogs), or some nice theme a little philosophical but always treated with soft yeast.
Pictures are fun and even a little intriguing, so much so that if you get closer you can see well that below them there is a secret... Those who travel and travel and shove punctually at the right place.

Dalmazio Ambrosioni

"The secret of colors" - Como e dintorni, June 2010

The critic Dalmazio Ambrosini wanted to title so the exhibition that "Residenza Rivabella" is going to host on 13th June, referring to the magic whit which the ticinese artist gives form and bright colors to hers kaleidoscopic creations.
"Cats travelling with the soul in the eyes", would I underline, in homage of Lilly Pollana's favorite subjects. Many cats, but not only. Tender, playful, enchanted, gutsy cats, alone or in group, but also flowers, of the most precious, and unexpectedly, figures. Lying, crouching, fleshy plastic figures. Quotations that reveal, out of the ingenious creativity and the skillful technique, the master in figure drawing and the knowledge of the vanguards of the 900 century.
Lilly Polana, for who's able to read it, every time donates her cats a different expression, that is the changing one of her soul. And so a kitten is born, in pastels tones, with the world in his eyes and the challenge to face it, the simply cat, color of the nature, that is happy with a simple ball; the overconfident female with the exuberant tail like a peahen; the sweet kitten with the fur of roses and hearts, that looses herself in an embrace of an already tired friend, that's playing his last serenade. It's here that the artist's creation, after having enjoyed, made curios, astonished, tells with simple but deep poetry, the story of a life.
Every cat a memory, a page of a diary, a joyful or sad moment, light or intense, of an existence that art in his different expressions and the sensibility of the main characters made special.
G. Apollinaire in 1913 said, referring to Picasso and Braque: "You can paint with everything you want, with pipes, with stamps, with postcards, with chandeliers, with cards, and pieces of waxed tissues ".
If then the painter uses the alphabet of stamps to write on the canvas the poetry of her feelings, if the serrated and colored cuttings are fragments of a soul that are going to compose an image of the memory, than it could happen that the picture becomes an art work.

Grazia Levi


Lilly Polana

Il Malcantone, "The Love for animals" - September 2010

The Malcantone had already dealt with that really valuable artist as Lilly Polana of Caslano is. She prefers using the figurative collage formed only cleverly cut in detail and glued to form very lifelike expression.
As noted on our monthly issue, Lilly uses damaged stamps scrap, imperfect, stamped, stamps or no philatelic value. In Caslano the exhibition was planned until the end of October and is' focused on the men best friend `s (the dog) and one of another appreciated life partner (of the man), the cat, with the title "The love for animals." Especially cats are one of the artist´s passions, who recreate them with stamps in a colorful and very fine way . One of the cats brought to Portofino, Nerina, is semi hidden in a round basket, which shows the head of a black cat that looks out of the basket with its blue eyes betraying the typical curiosity of the cat and it seems to dart around: according to us,'This is the best achievement shown in the gallery.
Then there is the "Sofisticated Lady ", a female dog. Its livery sometimes garnished with delicate sprays of hair like that shows the desire of the canine to get noticed as a double meaning, narcissism and vanity, that´s what probably the observer understands as the main meaning.

Emilio Trentin

"Painting using only stamps, Lilly Polana's art" - Il Foglio della piazza, Autumn 2011

Maybe that the kind of expression used Lilly Polana, is not unique, but certainly very rare. She lives in Caslano.
She paints, but without paintbrushes, she colours, but without oil or acrylic colours, without distemper or something else; she draws but soon the sign disappears. But hers are doubtlessly paintings: beautiful, colourful, brightly. They show animals, especially cats and dogs, but also vegetation, in particular in full bloom flowers. Lilly Polana uses stamps, that she places with great experience.
Into the show there is a pace reserved for Jessica Guariento's works of art, she is Lilly Polana's very good pupil, that also shows two sculptures made of stamps.

Dalmazio Ambrosioni

Lilly Polana

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